We hope that you find Pathway to be very warm and hospitable. Pathway is not a collection of perfect people nor forms the perfect church. What we hold in common is that we have responded to God – the great pursuer of our hearts – and are traveling the path to reflect more of His truth in our lives.

Whether you are old or young, whether you are a first-time or longtime worshipper, whether you come full of doubts or confidence, joy or sorrow, in this place we are family. We invite you to begin walking the path with us.


Pathway is a community of people, not a place. It is based on relationships, not religion; friendship, not forms; people, not programs. We believe people typically find God when they encounter His people. On Sunday’s we meet for worship, learning, and encouragement. During the week, we seek to live out our faith in all areas of life, being the Church. 

We believe that Church is not something you go to, it is something you are.Our morning gatherings are intended to re-focus us on God’s grand story of redemption and what part he calls us to play.  We gather to respond to the grace of God with our worship. We gather to help each other. We gather to celebrate. In your time together this morning you might hear us take a prayer request, engage in a conversation about the bible, or talk about a need someone has. The kids will be involved with songs, prayers, children’s ministry and an occasionally run through the space on the way to the bathroom.  It is like a big family living room.

 The coffee is made and you can help yourself anytime.  We know it can be intimidating your first visit.  Relax.  Enjoy. 

We look forward to meeting you...